Master of Mind and Body

Be the Master of Both Mind and Body

Rencana ini ditulis oleh Bridget Menezes di dalam akhbar TheSun bertarikh 10 Nov 2014. Baca dan fahami kandungan rencana ini. 
In a time of emotional distress, we usually have two options: to face up to the problem or to evade it. Processing a problem means you are facing up to it, and evading means you are in denial. 
Processing is to the mind what digesting is to the stomach. If we find ourselves in a situation where we cannot cope, it is better to say something right there and then. 
To hold things in will not allow us to have a healthy mind. What we have kept inside will become indigestible and it will be obvious to others that we are having a problem. 
Our ability to cope is hampered by thinking too much about other people and not enough of yourself. When i have no time to think about myself, my centre of contr will be in the hands of others.
An enlightened person understands that there is nothing to be gained by thinking about others. Pure thoughts and feelings will do all the work. There’s no need to think any further. 
Remember that you are the master of both your mind and body. So give your commands to them and keep them in order. 
You can choose to perceive people, situations or events as obstacles or you can choose to use these things to strenghthen and expand your capacity to be creative and to find ways around, under, over any problems. 
The choice lies in your perceptions. Obstacles are never ever out there; they are always in our own minds.
The best mental antacid is a regular practice of self awareness. Setting aside time to clarify our inner thoughts and emotions, builds strenghts. 
This practice penetrates the mind deeply, dislodging emotional pain at its roots. Only then can emotions be purifie, refined and ultimately transformed. 
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