10 Tip untuk Ibu Ayah menggunakan Young Living

10 Golden Tips for New Parents using Young Living Essential Oils

Malam ini Aju nak berkongsi dengan semua pembaca blog Ajusyopz.com akan 10 tips untuk new ibu ayah yang mengunakan Young Living.

Tidak rugi untuk mencuba,dan invest dengan Essential Oils. Sambil menguna boleh buat duit tambahan..

Jom baca 10 tips nie.

?1. Although you use one oil to treat , you have to believe in that oil. Using it with faith, you will see more favourable results. Remember that oil is from mother nature ; we call it from the blood of the plant. it can hear you.

?2. Recite prayer (according to your own religion) into the oil before using.

?3. Get a progress chart/diary and take photos to compare result before and after use.  most of the time, the result will be very amazing and more than expected …and it is hard to believe at the point of time – it was actually the work of the oils used. Comparison with your child’s previous state with current will motivate you more, as parents.

?4. Every child is different.  and same goes to how they react to the oils too. Compare their progress with their past and not with another child.

?5. Dont expect for immediate results. Be diligent with protocols and the sequence of oils. There is no short cuts. For kids, as advised by our leaders try restrict oils including blends not more than 6types in a day.

?6. After certain time, you wil be able to choose oil for your kid according to yr own instinct. Sometimes, you see that they respond better with just one oil compare to many.

??7. Continuing Physical, speech therapy is a must. Essential oils will work hand in hand with physical and speech therapy and speed up child’s progress.( I Agree with this 200%)

?8. Miracles will begin unexpectedly. Perseverance  diligent and hardworking when using oils esp those applying with protocols.  Always ask when in doubt and share your child’s progress with others. This will indirectly keep you both in track and monitoring new progress. Many a times we not able to notice changes but others will. So always work with someone to encourage and help in noticing.

?9. Healing crisis varies with each kids. Not all will experience them. It can be fever, flu, or rashes occur. Report back to your upline to seek help and clarity. If upline or chat group no support for advice, may want to consider reduce the number of drops/ capsules. Supporting oils and method with regards to the symptoms accordingly. It is encouraged to continue the protocol till finish.

??10. Observe child’s every little progress, from skin tone, sleeping pattern, feeding, focus, mobility, etc and celebrate their progress !


*credit to Pn Jaysheila*

*Giriesha’s mum*

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